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11-20-2021 Bred Cow Special & Open Cows

November 20, 2021 @ 8:00 am 5:00 pm


Williston ND: 45 Black Bred Heifers, Bred Black to LBW Calving Ease Bulls, Vira- Shield 6 & Poured in the Fall, 1000#’s


Medicine Lake MT: 42 Bred Cows, Bred Red, 3 Years to Short Term

Wolf Point MT: 110 Bred Cows, Black Bred Angus, 7 to ST, Start Calving March 25th for 60 Days

Malta MT: 80 Black Bred Cows, Bred Black Angus, Middle Age to Short Term, Start Calving April 1st for 55 Days

Wibaux MT: 50 to 55 Bred Cows, Black Angus, Bred Black, Hereford, June 10th Bulls Out, 4 Year Olds & Up

Sidney MT: Total Dispersion, 46 Bred Cows, Registered Lone Rock Cows Bred To Gartner Denowh Bulls, All Natural

Savage MT: 32 Bred Cows

Beach ND: 20 to 25 Black Angus Bred Cows, Running Age, Start Calving April 1st, All Natural

Flaxville MT: 18 Bred Cows, 1Blk Angus & 17 Red Angus, 2 Years to Short Term, Registered, Calving April 1-Mid May, Ultra-sounded & Shots in September

Fairview MT: 15 Short Term Black Cows, Bred Black

Richey MT: 14 Bred Cows, Bred Black, Bulls on June 1st for 60 days

Fariview MT: 17 Bred Cows, Mixed Ages, mostly 5 & 6 Year Olds, Black Bred Black, Start Calving March 30th

Beach ND: 6 Red Angus Bred Cows, Middle Age, Start Calving April 1st, All Natural

Scobey MT: 5 Late Bred Cows


Sidney MT: 120 Cows

Malta MT: 100 Open Cows

Malta MT: 40 Open Cows

Bainville MT: 40 Open Cows

Sidney MT: 30 Open Cows, Blacks and Reds, All Natural

Plentywood MT: 22 Open Cows, Shots: Cattle Master Gold & Libro-Lepto

Wolf Point MT: 21 Open Cows, 3-4 Years Old, Shots: Cattle Master Gold & Libro-Lepto

Scobey MT: 19 Open Cows

Savage MT: 30 Open Cows

Richey MT: 4 Open Cows

Fairview MT: 4 Open Cows


Reeder ND: 25 to 30 Head Drug-Free Bulls, On Feed 30-40 days, Weighing 1 ton, All Natural

Wolf Point MT: 1 Bull, Black Angus, All Natural