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Bred Cow Special & All Class Cattle Sale 9:00 a.m.

January 19, 2022 @ 9:00 am 5:00 pm

We will start selling our Feeder Calves at 9:00 a.m., followed by our Bred Cows at 1:00 p.m. and finishing the sale with our Weigh-Ups Cows.

Weaned Calves

Bainville MT: 840 Black Mixed Calves, No brands, No Heifers kept back, Bunk Fed, Grass & Millet Hay, Corn, Barley and Alfalfa Hay, Have Received Pyramid 5+Presponse, Vision 7 Somnus, and poured with Ivomec, 600-675#’s, Weaned for 75 days, Cattle are approved for VNB, NHTC, and A&S, BQA Certified, Black Angus Certified

Cartwright ND: 120 Steers and 50 Heifers, Mostly Red, 550-650#’s, 2 Rounds of Shots, Pink Eye Vaccinated and Wormed, Steers are all knife cut

Poplar MT: 150 Mixed Calves, 2 Rounds of Shots, All Natural

Raymond MT: 140 Mixed Calves, Weaned on November 6, 2 Rounds of Shots-Alpha 7 in the Spring and Master Gold FPL5 and Ultrabac 7 in the Fall, No brands, All Natural

Sidney MT: 110 Mixed Calves, 550-650#’s, Weaned for 90 Days, 2 Rounds of Shots

Sidney MT: 100 Mixed Calves, Mostly Charolais and Red, 450-500#’s, Weaned on October 10, 2 Rounds of Shots

Fairview MT: 75 Black Angus Heifer Calves, Sired by GDAR Angus Bulls, Weaned, 2 Rounds of Shots, Replacement Quality!

Fortuna ND: 40 Mixed Calves, Mostly Steers, Blacks, BB & Red Baldies, Fall Shots & Poured, On Feed for 2 Months, All Natural

Watford City ND: 30 Weaned Steer Calves, On Feed, 600#’s, All Natural

Charlson ND: 12-16 Mixed Calves, Spring Shots, Weaned on October 1, Free Choice Hay, All Natural

Circle MT: 200 Mixed Calves (Off the Cow), mostly Red and Red Baldies, 500-600#’s, 2 Rounds of Shots-Nasalgen IP & Vision 7 Somnus w/ Spur, Vitsa-Once and Vision 7 Somnus, Poured with Ivermectin, No Heifers kept back, All Natural

Bainville MT: 5 Mixed Calves, 2 Rounds of Shots, On feed for 80 Days, Weaned, All Natural

Bred Cows and Cows

Baker MT: 70 Bred Cows, Mixed Ages (Mostly Short-Terms), Blacks-Reds-Charolais, Start Calving March 15, Bred to Red and Charolais Bulls

Redstone MT: 60 Head of Weigh-Up Cows, been on feed for 90 days

Poplar MT: 50 Open Cows

Poplar MT: 50 Weigh-Up Cows

Miles City MT: 23 Head of 5 to 7 Year Old Stock Cows, Herefords, Blacks, and Black Baldies, Some Set to Calve at the end of March for 60 days, Poured last fall, All Natural

Wolf Point MT: 20 Bred Cows, Aging 4 to 10 Year Old, Have received Shots and Pour On, Bred to Angus Bulls, Calving from April 1 to June 1

Scobey MT: 26 Bred Heifers and 24 Short-Term Cows, Should start calving April 1, Red and Black Baldies, Heifers are bred to Black Bulls, Cows bred to Red and Black Bulls

Sidney MT: 25 Fed Cows, 1500-1600#’s

Fairview MT: 20 Fed Cows, 1600-1700#’s

Reserve MT: 12 Bred Cows: 4 Heifers, 4 Three Year Olds, 4 Four to Nine Year Olds, Bred to Purebred Black Angus Bulls

Reserve MT: 17 Open Heifers and 10 Mixed Age Cows

Reserve MT: 1 Bull

Alexander ND: 25 Mixed Aged Bred Cows, Should Start Calving April 15, Reds and Blacks, Bred to Shorthorn and Black Bulls

Alkabo ND: 6 Short Term Bred Cows, Bred Black, Start Calving April 1