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November 17


Fairview MT: 140 Red & 25 Char Cross, April 1st Calvers, Bred To Heart River Red Angus Bulls,

70 Head of 3 Year Olds, 40 Head of 5 & 6 Year Olds, the Rest 7 to Short Term, Complete Dispersion

Sidney MT: 110 Red Angus Bred Cows & 10 Black Angus Bred Cows, 3 Year Olds to 8 Year Olds, Bred to Leland, Redland & Sandhill Red Angus Bulls,

Calving March 15th, Complete Dispersion

Homestead MT: 100 Bred Cows, Black, 3 to 12 Year Old’s,Calving April 1st, Complete Dispersion

Malta MT: 100 Black Bred Cows, 6 Year Olds to Short Term, Bred to Registered Black Angus Bulls, Calving March 25th, Complete Dispersion

Baker MT: 60 Bred Red Angus Cows,  30 Head of Red Angus 3 to 5 Year Olds, 22 Head of Red Angus 9 & 10 Year Olds – both groups bred Char,

10 Head of Registered Char Cows – 3 & 4 Year Olds, Bred Red

Watford City ND: 35 Black Bred Cows, Bred Black Angus, Calving April 10th,  Preg Guard in Spring, Vira-Shield in Fall

Froid MT: 15 Head of 3rd Cycle Red Angus Cows, 3 Year Olds on up

Williston ND: 30 Bred Cows, Black & Red Simm Cross, Bred to Simmental, March 25th Calving, 4 to 10 Year Olds

Culbertson MT: 35 Bred Cows, Black, Bred Black, 9 Year Olds to Short Term, Calving April 1st to June 1st



Wolf Point MT: 40 Bred Heifers, Red Angus, Bred to Lorenzen Bulls, Pipps Ranch Bulls, Redland Red Angus Bulls, Midland Bull Test & Ludvigsen Bulls, Bulls 65 to 72 Birth Weight,

Shots: Lipto-Vib & Preg Guard, Start Calving March 1st for 60 Days

Sidney MT: 24 Red Bred Heifers, April 1st Calving, Bred to Beery Hereford Bulls

Sidney MT: 20 Black Bred Heifers, April 15th Calving

Sidney MT: 35 Black Heifers, Bred Black, April 1st Calving

Sidney MT: 20 Red Heifers, Bred Red, April 1st Calving

Lambert MT: 20 F-1 Baldies Heifers, Bred Black, AI’d, March 13th Calving

Lambert MT: 35 Black Heifers, Bred Black, AI’d, March 13th Calving



Wolf Point MT: 25 Open Cows

Fort Peck MT: 39 Open Cows, 8 – 3 Year Olds, 6 – 4 Year Olds, 7 – 5 Year Olds, Balance Older

Watford City ND: 19 Open Cows

Glasgow MT: 60 Open Cows

Plentywood MT: 8 Open Cows

Wolf Point MT: 25 Open or Late Cows

Watford City ND: 50 Open or Late Cows



November 17
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