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Feeder Calf Special ONLY

November 2 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Feeder Calves

Malta MT: 200 Steers and 100 Heifers, Black, 2 Rounds of Shots-Pyramid 5 and Vision 7 w/Spur in the Spring and Pyramid 5 w/Presponse SQ and Vision 7 w/Somnus in the Fall, 500-550#'s, All Natural

Bainville MT: 120 Mixed Calves, Black, 2 Rounds of Shots, 500-550#'s

Lambert MT: 110 Mixed Black Calves, 500-550#'s, 1 Round of Shots, Steers are implanted, Heifers are All Natural

Four Buttes MT: 84 Steers and 81 Heifers, 2 Rounds of Shots, Alpha-7 Shots @ Birth, Preconditioned with w/Vision 7+Somnus, Durvac Past HM, and Virashield 6, 570-585#'s, Replacement Quality, All Natural

Richey MT: 92 Steers and Heifers, Sired by Sim/Angus Bulls, on a Payback Mineral Package, 2 Rounds of Shots, All Natural

Wolf Point MT: 85 Steer calves, Black, 525#'s, 2 Rounds of Shots, Steers are implanted

Sidney MT: 75 Steer Calves, Blacks/Black Baldies, 500-550#'s, 7-Way at Branding, All Natural

Grassy Butte ND: 65 Black/Black Baldy Mixed Calves, 500-550#'s, 2 Rounds of Shots-Vision 7+Pyramid 5 and a pink eye shot, All Natural

Sidney MT: 65 Steers and 25 Heifers, Reds and Blacks, mainly Red Angus Sired, Branding Shots, Nasalgen, All Natural

Williston ND: 60 Steers, 2 Rounds of Shots, 575#'s, All Natural

Savage MT: 50 Steer Calves, Black/BWF, 35 of them are weighing 575#'s and the rest are 450#'s, 1 Round of Shots, Have been weaned and started on hay, All Natural

Sidney MT: 50 Mixed Calves, 500-550#'s, Blacks/ Black Baldies, 7-Way at Branding, All Natural

Sidney MT: 40-50 Mixed Calves, Spring Shots, Mainly Blacks, All Natural

Fairview MT: 30 Steers and 30 Heifers, Mixed Calves, No Shots, No Brands, All Natural

Froid MT: 25 Steers and 20 Heifers, Black, Spring Shot-Vision 7 w/Somnus, April/May Calves, All Natural

Sidney MT: 45 Mixed Calves, Black, Out of Regency Acres Bulls, 550-600#'s, Spring Shots, All Natural

Sidney MT: 35 Black and BWF Mixed Calves, 1 Round of Shots, All Natural

Richey MT: 33 Red Angus Calves, 1 Rnd of Shots, All Natural

Watford City ND: 4 Steers