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Bred Cow, Feeder Calf & Yearlings Special & All Class Cattle

October 19 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Bred Cows:

Circle MT: 55 Head of 3 to 5 Year Old's Bred Cows, Black Bred Black Start Calving March 1st for 60 Days

Circle MT: 40 Head of Solid Mouth Bred Cows, Black Bred Black, Few Reds, Calving March 1st for 60 Days

Redstone MT: 4 Bred Heifers, and 7 Bred Cows, Red Bred Red, Calving Middle/End of May


Circle MT: 49 Open Cows

Wolf Point MT: 46 Open Cows

Williston ND: 42 Open Cows

Sidney MT: 30 Open Cows

Plentywood MT: 27 Tested Open Heifers, 800-850#'s

Sidney MT: 24 Open Cows

Alexander ND: 22 Open Cows

Culbertson MT: 7 Open Yearlings

Plentywood MT: 3 Open Heifers and 14 Open Three-Year-Olds

Redstone MT: 4 Open Cows

Mixed Calves:

Sidney MT: 152 Mixed Calves, Charolais, Spring Shots, 450#'s

Wolf Point MT: 90 Steers & 30 Heifers, 2 Rnds of Shots, Line 1 Herefords & F-1 Black Baldies, Holden Hereford Bulls, All Natural

Grassy Butte ND: 90 Mixed Calves, Shar Cross, 550 to 600#'s, 1 Rnd of Shots

Lambert MT: 85 Mixed Calves, Blks/Reds/Blk Baldies/Hereford, 2 Rounds of Shots, 450-500#'s, Heifers are All Natural

Ophiem MT: 60 Mixed Calves, 2 Rounds of Shots, Reds, 450-500#'s, All Natural

Richey MT: 50-60 Steers and 15-20 Heifers, Black Black Baldies, Few Reds, 2 Rounds of Shots, Knife Cut and shots at birth, 425-450#'s, All Natural

Sidney MT: 48 Steers and 21 Heifers, Spring Shots, High Plains Shots Program, 400-500#'s, All Natural

Scobey MT: 30 Mixed Calves, Reds, Weaned September 1st, Have been on hay and creep feed, 400-600#'s, 2 Rounds of Shots, No Brands, All Natural

Ophiem MT: 20 Mixed Calves, Reds, 450-500#'s, 2 Rounds of Shots, All Natural

Bainville MT: 10 Steers, 750-900#'s, Spring and Fall Shots last year, No Shots this year, Black, All Natural

Cartwright ND: 13 Black Heifer Calves, Branding Shots, 450-500#'s, All Natural

Antelope MT: 4 Mixed Calves, All Natural