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Weigh-Ups & Bred Cow Special

November 19 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Bred Cows Sell at Noon!

Bred Cows:

Savage MT: 200 Cows, Blacks & Black Baldy, 5 Year Old's to Short Term, Start Calving March 30th for 60 Days, Bred to Black Angus & Hereford Bulls, Complete Dispersion

Gilford MT: 70 Red Cows and 18 Bred Heifers, Bred Red, Cows are bred to Becton Redemption and Merlin Bull, Heifers are bred to Becton Redemption and Rest Easy, Start Calving April 1st and bulls were pulled out on August 13, A Few of them have a touch of Simmental, Mostly 3-6 Year Old's, Cows  and Heifers have all shots and have been poured, Papers were from Milk River Reproduction Vet, All Cows and Heifers were home raised, Complete Dispersion

Wolf Point MT: 110 Red Angus Cows, Bred to Eaton Charolais, March 25 Calving date, 4 Year Old's to Short Term, Complete Dispersion!

Wolf Point MT: 50 Black Cows, Bred to Eaton Charolais, Start Calving March 25, Mostly 7-9 Year Old's, Complete Dispersion!

Poplar MT: 90 Mixed Black Bred Cows, Start Calving March 20th, 6 Year Olds to Short Term, Partial Dispersion

Glendive MT: 53 Cows, Three to Five Year Olds, Black Bred Black (13 head are bred Red), Start Calving March 25

Poplar MT: 50 Bred Heifers, Start Calving March 1st for 5 to 10 Days, AI'd to OCC Ace

Savage MT: 50 Cows, Three to Seven Year Old's, Bred Red and Black, Calve End of March

Bainville MT: 50 Bred Heifers, Bulls in June 22, Bulls out at 45 days, 1,000#'s, Bred to LBS Angus Bulls

Watford City ND: 26 Black Bred Heifers, Bulls in July 1st, Start Calving April 1st, Bred Black, Had Vira-Shield at Preg Check

Richey MT: 22 Black Baldies and 66 Black Bred Heifers, Calving March 25, Bred to High Calving Ease Bulls, Ultra sounded in 21 day windows: 70 in 1st cycle, 12 in 2nd cycle, 5 in 3rd cycle

Glendive MT: 50 Red Cows, Bred to Anderson Charolais Bulls, 3-5 Year Old's, Start Calving March 25th

Circle MT: 45 Bred Cows, 3-5 Year Olds, 90% Red Angus/Red Baldies, Bred to Red Angus Bulls, Calving March 1 for 45 days

Golva ND: 21 AI'd Bred Heifers and 9 Bull Bred Heifers, Red Bred Red, AI'd Heifers are bred to STA Relentless Bull and Bull Bred Heifers are bred to Forester Red Angus bulls, AI Heifers are due March 21 and Bull Bred Heifers are due April 5th for 45 days, Cake broke and on a full mineral package

Glasgow MT: 17 Bred Cows, 3-4 Year Olds, Commercial Black Angus, Bred to Rampage Bulls, Bulls turned out June 1st and pulled on August 30, Preconditioned and poured on November 1st

Sidney MT: 35 Bred Cows, Mixed Ages, Start Calving Mid March, Black Angus Bred to Gartner Denowh Bulls

Sidney MT: 35 Bred Cows, Mixed Ages, Start Calving Mid March, Black Angus, Bred to Gartner Denowh Bulls

Watford City ND: 11 Red Angus Bred Cows, 10 Year Olds, Bred To Sim Angus, Start Calving March 25th

Flaxville MT: 12 Bred Cows, Mostly 6 Year Old's, Blacks & Baldies, Bred Black, Start Calving Mid May to Mid June

Plentywood MT: 2 Bred Cows, 3 Year Olds, Ranch tested on November 6, Bulls turned in July 6


Gilford MT: 4 Bulls, Come from Merlin Bulls and 5L Bulls, 1 of the 4 is a Simm Cross bull

Watford City ND: 3 Bulls


Plentywood MT: 20 Dry Cows

Watford City ND: 20 Dry Cows