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ACCS & Yearling Special/Customer Appreciation 9:00 am Yearlings Start Selling at 10:00

September 20 @ 9:00 am 5:00 pm

Sidney MT: 200 Black & Red Open Heifers, 700 to 800#’s

Sidney MT:  150 Spayed Heifers, 725-750#’s, Mixed Colors

Sidney MT:  75-100 Mixed Yearlings

Froid MT: 170 Open Heifers, Char X, 850-900#’s

Poplar MT: 400 Open & Spayed Heifers, 700 to 750#’s

Poplar MT: 160 Steers

Cartwright ND:  90 Yearling Steers, Mostly Black, 850#’s Bangs Vacc, All Natural

Sidney MT:  75-100 Mixed Yearlings

Culbertson MT: 63 Tested Open Heifers, Black & Red Angus, 3 Rnds of Shots, All Natural

Sidney MT: 10 Black Angus Spayed Heifers, Implanted, Home Raised, 800 to 825#’s

Watford City ND: 50 Tested Open Black Angus Heifers, 700 to 900#’s

Arnegard ND:  12 Tested Open Heifers, 850#’s, Bangs Vacc., All Natural

Froid MT:  200 Steers, Black, Red, Char, 825-850#’s

Watford City ND: 25 Black Angus Steers, 700 to 900#’s

Westby MT: 14 Steers

Westby MT: 58 Open Heifers, Average 800#s

Fairview MT: 60 Black & Red Angus Steers, 700 to 800#’s

Froid MT: 50 Red Angus Yrling Steers, 700 to 800#’s

Lambert MT: 31 Tested Open Heifers, Black & Black Baldy, 850 to 900#’s

Williston ND – 35 Mixed Yrling Steers 900-950#’s

Miles City MT: 40 Tested Open Heifers, Black & Black Baldies, 875 to 900#’s

Williston ND: 37 Black & Red Angus Steers, Vacc Foot Rot, Poured, 900#’s, All Natural

Sidney MT: 31 Tested Open Heifers, Blacks & Reds, 850 to 875#’s

Lambert MT: 31 Tested Open Heifers, Black & BB, 850 to 900#’s

Sidney MT: 20 Black Angus Tested Open Heifers, Home Raised, 800#’s, Bangs Vacc, No Brands

Sidney MT: 16 Black Angus Steers, 850#’s, Implanted, Home Raised

Alexander ND: 9 Tested Open Heifers

Beach ND: 4 Tested Open Heifers

Sidney ND: 7 Tested Open Heifers, Black 900#’s

Williston ND: 4 Yrlings, 1300#’s