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Bred Cow Special(Starting at Noon) & Weigh Up Special 8:00am

December 16 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sidney MT: 230 Black Bred Cows, Black White face Angus Cows, Dispersement, Vira-Shield 6, Wormed in the Fall, Calves, Weaned Oct 18th, Coming 3 to Solid Mouth, 70-75 of these Coming 3 Year Olds, Bred to Registered Black Angus Bulls, Calving March 27th for 60 days until May 25

Bainville MT: 149 Bred Cows (3-4 Year Olds), 90 Bred Heifers, Black & Red, Total Dispersment, Bred To Black, Start Calving April 1st, Poured & Pred Guard at P.G. Time

Williston ND: 120 Bred Cows, Red, Complete Dispersion, 4 Years & Older

Bainville MT: 115 Cows

Worland Wy: 100 Black Angus Cows, Short Term, Home Raised, Bred Black, Start Calving Apr. 1st

Bainville MT: 80 Cows, Dispersion, Blacks, Bred Black, 4 Years Old - Short Term Bainville MT: 115 Cows - Bred & Opens

Grenora ND: 50 Black Bred Heifers, Bred Black, Start Calving April 1st for 30 Days, All Off 1 Ranch

Scobey MT: 26 Cows Open & Lates, 3 Bulls

Grenora ND: 20 Red Angus Bred Heifers, Bred to Stock Market & Merlin Sons Bull's, Start Calving April 1 for 21 Days, All off 1 Ranch

Poplar MT: 40-50 Black Baldy, Bred Cows, Bred Black to Sons of OCC Ace, 3 Year Olds, Calving April 5th for 55 Days, Vibrio & Poured in the Fall

Noonan ND: 40 Head, Mixed Ages, Bred & Weigh-Ups, Few Bulls

Beach ND: 35 Coming 4 Year Olds, Bred Black to Deg Rand Bulls, Cows are 3/4 Angus & 1/4 Simm, Originated off Beggar Ranch, Start Calving April 3rd

Poplar MT: 30 Bred Heifers, Black Bred to LBW Black Bull, All Shots Given when Preg Tested & also Injectable Dectomax, Start Calving March 19th

Watford City ND: 30 Black Bred Black, 3 Years Old's, Calving April 25th for 50 days, Shots; Preg Guard in May, Multi-Min Injectable, Orig. off the Brenna Ranch

Savage MT: 30 Bred Cows, Black, 3-5 Year Olds, Bred Black & Herford, Calving March 25th

Poplar MT: 28 Bred Cows, Black Bred Black, 6 to 8 Year Olds, All Shots Given at Preg Testing & Inj. Dectomax, Start Calving March 19th

Savage MT: 30 Bred Cows, Black, 3-5 Year Olds, Bred Black & Herford, Calving March 25th

Big Horn MT: 20 Cows, Black Baldy, Coming 4 Year Olds, Shots; Ultra Choice 7, Vira-Shield 6, VL5+ 1tb, Gardian, Wormed w/Safeguard, Poured w/Cleanup 219, F-1 Black Baldy Heifers-Bred to Calving End of March, 35 Bred Heifers, Calving Late May-June, Gartner-Denowh Bulls, Home Raised on Cows & Heifers

Fort Peck MT: 19 Bred Herefords, Bred to Cooper Bulls, Calving March 25th, Poured, Vira Shield 6 VL5

Reserve MT: 19 Bred Black Angus, Bred Black, Calving June, Spring Shot Program, Poured & DeWormed, 8~Heifers, 5~ 3-4 Year Olds, 4~ 6-9 Year Olds, 2~ 10-12 Year Olds

Grenora ND: 10 Bred Cows, 2 Bulls( 5 & 3 Year Old)

Scobey MT: 26 Open & Late Bred Cows

Brockway MT: 7 Red Angus Bred Cows

Peerless MT: 2 Milk Cows, Dry, Holstein -5 Years Old, Guernsey 7 Years Old

Brockton MT: 1 Open Cow, 1 Open Heifer