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Bred Cow Special & Weigh Up Special 8:00am

November 18 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Poplar MT: 175 Red Angus Bred Heifers, Bred Red, 950#'s, Start Calving March 10-15th

Wibaux MT: 125 Bred, Black Cows, Due to Calve April 10th, Age Group Dispersion 7 & Up, Some 3-6 Yr Olds

Plentywood MT: 80 to 100 Bred Black Angus Cows, Bred Black, Mostly 6 to 10 Year Old's, Start Calving April 1st

Savage MT: 90 Red Angus Bred, 3-5 Years Old, Bred to Eaton Char Bulls, Calving Mar 25th

Sidney MT: 65 Bred Cows, Black, Few Red, Bred with Herford Bulls, Turned in June 25th, 7th to Short Term

Sidney MT: 60 Bred Black Angus Cows, 3 to 5 Year Olds, Bred Black, Start Calving March 25th

Arnegard ND: 50-70 Black Angus, Bred Cows, Mixed Ages Mostly 5 & 6, Spring Shot Program, Bred Black, Start Calving April 1st

Williston ND: 33 Bred Red Angus, Bred To Red Angus Registered Bulls, Exposed July 8th

Williston ND: 30 Bred Black Angus, Calving April 10th-May 10, Bred to Black, 5 & 6 Year Olds

Flaxville MT: 30 Total(15 Bred, 13 Opens, Weigh-Ups) Bulls in July 4-Oct.1st, Black and a Couple Black Baldy

Poplar MT: 18 Bred Cows, Black Bred Black, 6 to 8 Year Old's, All Shots Given at Preg Testing, Start Calving March 19th

Poplar MT: 21 Bred Heifers, Black Bred to LBW Bull, All Shots given when Preg Testing, Start Calving March 19th

Watford City ND: 28 Bred & Open, Marked By Vet, Fall Vacc; & Poured, Bred are 10 Yrs & Older

Westby MT: 17 Open Cows & 2 Bulls

Flaxville MT: 13 Red Angus Bred Cows, Vaccinated, Poured & Ultrasounded, Sept. 30, Bred to Red Angus, Calving Apr-May, Also Bringing 5 Open Cows

Plentywood MT: 8 Cows

Sidney MT: 5 Bred Simm Cows, Bred Simm, Start Calving May 1st, 2 - 2 Year Old's, 1 - 3 Year Old, 1 - 5 Year Old, 1 - 8 Year Old, 1 Steer, All Natural

Brockton MT: 5 Exposed Older Cows, Black, Bred Black, Start 4-1-24

Glendive MT: 10 Corriente Bred Cows, Bred to Corriente Bull, 5 Year Old's, Start Calving March 20th

Lambert MT: 50 Cows

Beach ND: 35 Cows

Watford City ND: 20 Open Cows, Black Angus

Flaxville MT: 13 Open Cows

Sidney MT: 7 Black Angus Steers, No Shots, No Brand, 600#'s, All Natural

Sidney MT: 1 - 900 to 1000#'s Steer

Powers Lake ND: 1 Bull, 6 Cows