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Bred Stock Cow Special/All Class Cattle Sale 9:30am

March 13 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Sidney ND: Approx 20 AI'ed, Bred Hiefers, Calving 4/1, Also Approx 20, Bull Bred Heifers, Calving 4/20 for 5-10 days, Mostly Black Baldy, Homeraised, 1050-1100#'s

Fortuna ND: 20 Red Angus & 25 Black Angus Bred Cows, 9 Years Old, Start Calving April 15th

Tioga ND: 9 Bred Cows, Approx 10 Years Old, Red Simm Angus, Bred to Red Angus & Barenthsen Bulls, Cows on Mineral Year around

Outlook MT: 32 Bred Cows

Tioga ND: 9 Bred Heifers, Bangs Vaccinated, FR5-VL5 Vaccination, Calving Apr 20-May 29th, Black Simm, Bred to Angus

Cartwright ND: 3 Black Cows, 3 Years Old, Home Raised, Branded Single Iron, All Natural

Bainville MT: 100 Calves, Mixed(Mostly Heifers), Char Heifers 650#'s, Black Heifers 550-560#'s, Steers 400#'s, 2 Rnds of Shots; One Shot Ultra 7 & Inforce 3(Nasal), Vision 7w/ Somnus & Pyramid 5 w/ Presponse, Been on 4lb's of Grain & Long Hay, & some Silage

Alexander ND: 80 Heifers, Black & Red Angus, Weaned Nov. 1st, 2 Rnds of Shots, 650-700#'s

Richey MT: 50 Heifers, Black Baldy & Red Baldies, Home Raised, 700#'s, Bangs Vaccinated, 2 Rnds of Shots, Long Time Weaned

Bighorn MT: 45 Red Baldy Heifers, Home Raised, 750-775#'s, 45 F1 Black Baldies,, 600-625#'s, 5 Steers, Long Time Weaned, 3 Rnds of Shots, EID For NHTC, circlebranchllc.com

Circle MT: 30 Heifer Calves, Long Time Weaned, 2 Rnds of Shots, All Natural

Stanley ND: 40 Steers, 40 Heifers, 2 Rnds of Shots, Bangs Vacc., Long Time Weaned, 650#'s

Sidney ND: 35 Heifers, Black, 2 Rnds of Shots, Long Time Weaned, 550-600#'s

Culbertson MT: 15 Open Heifers, Mixed Color, 2 Rnds of Shots, Weaned Oct., 650#'s, Weaned Oct., All Natural

Fairview MT: 13 Bred Heifers, Black Angus, Calving March 15- April 15, Bred to Black Angus

Fairview MT: 14 Replacement Heifers, 650#'s, Black & Black White Face

Sidney MT: 100 Fat Cows, Fed Corn 110 days

Fairview MT: 75 Open Cows

Lambert MT: 22 Dry Cows

Bighorn MT: 15 Dry Fed Cows