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Hereford Influence Feeder/All Class Cattle Sale 8:30am

February 28 @ 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Redstone MT: 2000-2200 Mostly Black Angus Calves, 600-800#'s, Weaned Long time, 2 Rnds of Shots

Plentywood MT: 300 to 325 Steers & 100 to 125 Heifers, Hereford's

Savage MT: 110-120 Steers(775-825#'s), 120 Heifers(700-750#'s), 2 Rnds of Shots, Mostly all Black Baldies, No Heifers Kept, Bangs Vacc

Poplar MT: 200 Heifers(500-525#'s), 60 Steers(500#'s), Mostly Red Angus, Some Black Angus, 2 Rnds of Shots, Weaned Nov, EID Verified, VNB, NHTC Verified, IMI Global approved

Cartwright ND: 45 Steers, 100 Heifers, 2 Rnds of High Plains Shots; One Shot Ultra 7 & Inforce 3(Nasal), Vision 7 w/ Somnus & Pyramid 5 w/ Presponse, Poured & Pink Eye Vacc, Steers(Implanted Synovex), Heifers All Natural

Sidney MT: 140 Mixed, Red & Char, 2 Rnds of Shots, 600-700#'s

Savage MT: 135 Steers, 80 Heifers(Bangs Vaccinated),Herford Black Baldies, 2 Rnds of Shots, 600-650#'s

Sidney MT: 125 Heifers, Black & Black White Face, 2 Rnds of Shots, 650-700#'s, Replacement Quality

Richey MT: 100-120 Heifers, Mostly Black Angus & a few Reds, 2 Rnds of Shots, 650-700#'s, Replacement Quality

Fairview, MT: 120 Steers, 35@650#'s, 85@525#'s, Black Angus

Lambert MT: 110 Heifer(700-750#'s), Black Angus, 2 Rnds of Shots, Sired By Regency Acres & Bar JD Bulls, Bangs Vacc

Raymond MT: 110 Mixed Black & Blk Baldy, 1 Rnd of Shots, Long time Weaned, 600-650#'s

Cartwright ND: 105 Steers(800#'s), 35 Heifers(700#'s), Black Angus, 2 Rnds of Shots, Sired by GDAR Bulls

Cartwright ND: 100 Steers & 70 Heifers, 1 Rnd of Shots, All Natural

Cartwright ND: 100 Mixed Black Angus, 2 Rnds of Shots, 700#'s

Wolf Point MT: 100 Steers, Black & Black Baldy, Simm/Angus/Herford Cross, Fall Shots; Vista Once, Poured, 550-600#'s

Brockton MT:  95-100 Mixed, Black Angus, 550-600#’s, 2 Rnds of Shots, Poured, No Implants

Brockton MT:  70-80 Hereford & Black Baldy Steers, 700-750#’s, 3 Rnds of shots

Westby MT: 75 Heifers(450-500#'s), Black Angus, 2 Rnds of Shots, No Implants, Hay fed

Sidney ND: 75 Mixed Calves(Mostly Heifers), 600-700#'s, Black & Charx, 2 Rnds of Shots

Cartwright ND: 60 Steers, 20 Heifers, Herford influence Black & Black Baldy, Long time weaned, 750#'s

Alexander ND: 60-70 Black Heifers, 550#'s, 2 Rnds of Shots

Sidney MT: 60 Steers(550-600#'s), 30-40 Heifers( 2 Years Old, 500#'s), Black Angus, Weaned 10-15-23

Richey MT:  60 Mixed, Black Calves, 500#’s, 1 Rnd of Shots in Nov., No Implants, No Brand

Fort Peck MT:  50 Tested Open Yearling Heifers, Red, 875#’s

Cartwright ND: 45 Steers, 60 Heifers, Red & Black, 600#'s, 3 Rnds of Shots

Sidney ND: 30 Steers, 50 Heifers(600-650#s), 3 Rnds of Shots, Black & Black White Face

Watford City ND: 28 Steers, 33 Heifers, Black Angus, 2 Rnds of Shots, Poured, All Natural

Keene MT: 50 Heifers, 2 Rnds of Shots, Black Angus, All Natural

Alexander ND: 40 Heifers, 15 Steers, Black Angus, Long Time Weaned, 2 Rnds of Shots, No Implants

Beach ND: 40 Steers, Black Angus, 600#'s, 2 Rnds of Shots

Alexander ND: 35 Red Heifers, Weaned in Nov. 2 Rnds of: Bovi-Shield Gold, Ultrabac 7 & Poured, No Brans, Been on Chopped Hay & Grain, DK Angus Sired, No Implants

Williston ND: 40 Heifers, 500-550#'s Blacks & Chars, 3 Rnds of Shots, Weaned 100 Days, All Natural

Sidney MT: 30-40 Mixed Calves, 400#'s, 2 Rnds of Shots

Wildrose ND: 25-30 Hereford & Black Baldy Calves, 2 Rnds of Shots, 600-650#'s

Arnegard ND: 15 Calves, Black Baldy, VL5, Vision 8, Poured, Bangs Vacc, 600-650#'s

Alexander ND:  15 Black Heifers, 2 Rnds of Shots 500-600#’s, All Natural

Williston ND: 13 Red Steers, 1 Rnd of Shots, 600-650#'s, All Natural