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Feeder Special Only 9:00am

December 6 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Lambert MT: 180 Mixed Calves, Black Angus, Spring Shots; Bovi Shield Gold, Vision 7 w/ Spur, Loose Hay & Cake for 3 Weeks, Not Weaned, Steers got Ralgrow, 550-650#'s, Heifers, All Natural

Wolf Point MT:  175-200 Calves, Mixed, 2 Rnds of Shots, Mostly Blacks,450-500#’s

Zahl ND: 160 Mixed(100 & 60 Heifers), 3 Rnds of Shots, No Implants, Black Angus, 550-600#'s

Sidney MT: 135 Black & Black Baldy Calves, Spring Shots, All Natural

Fortuna, ND: 120 Calves, Mixed, Red, Black & Black Baldy, 2 Rnds of Shots; Pyramid 5 & Ultra Vac 7, Steers 500-510#'s, Heifers 400-420#'s, All Natural

Sidney MT: 200 Mixed Black Calves, 2 Rnds of Shots, 500 to 550#'s, Steers Implanted, Heifers All Natural

Flaxville MT: 100 Mixed Calves, Black Angus, 2 Rnds of Shots

Cartwright ND: 100 Black Calves, 2 Rnds of Shots, Poured, All Natural

Glasgow MT: 100 Bull Calves, No Brand

Busby ND:  90 Calves, Mixed, Blacks, Shots in July

Froid MT: 80-85 Steers, Black & Red Angus, 2 Rnds of Shots in the Fall, Weaned 45 Days

Lambert MT: 75 Steers, Black Angus, Weaned & On Feed 60 Days, Shots; Birth, Alfa 7, Spring; Vision 7, Bovi Shield, Fall; Vision 7, Pyramid 5+ Presponse, Poured When Weaned, 600#'s, All Natural

Antelope MT: 50 Steers, Black Angus, Spring Shots; Pyramid 5, Vision 7 W/Somnus, Fall Shots Inforce 3, Pyramid 5+Presponce, Vision 8, Somnus w/ Spur, 550#'s, All Natural

Culbertson MT: 29 Black Angus Steers, 2 Rnds (High Plains Program Shots), 45 Days Weaned, All Natural

Westby MT: 24 Heifers & 22 Steers, Black Angus, 2 Rnds of Shots, Weaned Oct 8th, Calves on 5 to 6 #'s of Corn Per Day & Free Hay, All Natural

Circle MT: 62 Steers & 20 Heifers, Spring Shots: Vista Once & Nasalgen, Fall Shots: Vision 7 W/Somnus, All Natural

Williston ND: 50 Steers, 15 Heifers, Mostly Red Angus, Weaned 45-50 days, 2 Rnds of Shots, 575-650#'s

Plentywood MT: 50 Mixed Calves, Black, Cattle Master, 7 Way given on July 1st, All Natural

Plentywood MT: 50 Mixed Calves, Black, Birth Shots; Alpha 7, Branding Shots; Cattle Master, Vision 7, given on July 1st, All Natural

Outlook MT:  43 Mixed Calves, No Shots, All Natural

Bainville MT: 20 Black Steers, 2 Rnds of Shots, on Mineral Program, 450#'s, All Natural

Watford City ND: 15 Mixed Calves, Red Angus, No Shots, 500-600#'s, All Natural

Zahl ND:  15-18 Calves, Red Angus, 2 Rnds of Shots, All Natural

Sidney MT: 11 Calves, Mixed, Born May & later, Weaned 5 Weeks, Shots; Pyramid 5, Inforce 3, Vision 7, Fall; Bovi Shield Gold, Vision 7

Bismarck ND: 10 Black Steers, Spring Shots-High Plains Program; One Shot Ultra 7, Inforce 3, All Natural