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Weigh Ups & Bred Cow Special

November 5 @ 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Bred Cows:

Bowman ND: 40 Bred Cows, Coming 3 and 4 Year Olds, All have bull calves in them, Bred to Rambur Angus Bulls, Calving 3/15 for 60 days

Bowman ND: 100 coming 3 Year Olds, Black Bred Black, Calving 3/15 for 60 days

Bowman ND: 47 Bred Cows, Red bred Red, calving 3/20 for 55 days, bred to Mcgee Bulls

Wolf Point MT: 125 Bred Cows, 7 Year Olds to Short Term, Mixed Colors bred Red and Black, April 15 Calving, Fall Shots

Crosby ND: 22 Bred Cows, All Black ( 1 Red Bred Heifer), Ranch Tested, Bred Black Angus and Saler, Bulls turned out August 15, Calving May 15 for 50 days, Given Preguard vaccine when preg. tested

Watford City ND: 12 Bred Cows, Red Bred to Leland Red Angus and Missouri River Red Angus Bulls, Ranch preg tested on October 1st, Received ViraShield and Ultra 7, No Pour on, Start Calving March 21st for 60 days

Sidney MT: 44 Black Cows, Black bred Black, End of March calving, 30 head are 3&4 year olds and rest are 9yr-Smooth Mouth

Sidney MT: 33 Bred Cows, Mostly Reds, Bred to Pleasant Valley Angus Bulls and Rambur Angus Bulls, Bulls in June 16, 5-8 Year Olds

Savage MT: 12 Bred Cows, Bred Black/Hereford, Fall Shots and poured, May 15 calving for 60 days, 1 Twelve Year Old, 1 Eleven Year Old, 5 Ten Year Olds, 1 Nine Year Old, 1 Eight Year Old, 1 Four Year Old, 2 Three Year Olds

Williston ND: 9 Bred Cows and 4 Yearling Heifers, Ages: 4 Five Year Olds, 2 Three Year Olds, 3 Two Year Olds, All Black and Bred Black, Bulls turned in June 21, Calving End of March/Beginning of April, Cows have received Virashield 6, Heifers have received first round of Pregguard and will be ready for 2nd round in a week, Small Herd Dispersion!

Watford City ND: 27 Bred Cows, Bred Black, Bred to Wilson Angus Bulls, 5&6 Year Olds

Flaxville MT: 30 Bred Cows, Running Age, Black bred Black

Culbertson MT: 9 Bred Cows, Red Bred Red, Calving mid April

Weigh-Up Cows:

Williston ND: 10 Open Cows

Williston ND: 10 Open Cows

Antelope MT: 17 Cull Cows and 1 Bull