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Bred Heifer & Bred Cows Sale & All Class Cattle Sale 9:30am, Bred Cows Sell at 12:30pm

February 21 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Sidney MT: 40 Bred Cows, 3-5 Years old, Black Angus, Bred Black, Calving Apr. 10th

Sidney ND: 20 Black Cows, 2-8 Years Old, Bred Black & Char, Calving May 15th -June 15th

Arnegard ND: 20 Bred Cows, Black Angus, Bred Black

Wildrose ND: 16 Cows, Mostly 3 Years Old, BWF, Cows Bred Black, Calving Apr. 15th

Sidney ND: 22 Cows (3 Years Old), Black Angus, Start Calving Apr.1st

Sidney ND:  14 Bred Cows

Alkabo ND: 10 Cows, Calving April 1, Black & Black Baldy, 2 Open Cows

Watford City ND: 8 Bred Cows, 6 Calving June, 2 Caving in July

Arnegard ND:  6 Cows, Spring Shots, Poured, Bred Black, Best Angus, Low Birth Weight Bulls, Calving May 15-June

Bainville MT: 6 Bred Cows

Williston ND: 4 Bred Cows

Sidney MT: 5 Pairs, Black with Black Calves, Calves are 1 Month old, Cows are 4-6 Years Old

Froid MT: 1 Jersey Bull - 4 Year Old, 2 Jersey Cows - 1 (4 Year Old), 1 (6 Year Old), Calving End of April, No Mastitus, Nurse Cows, Can be Hand Milked

Sidney MT: 80 Fed Cows

Sidney MT: 40 Fed Cows

Circle MT: 40 Fed Cows, 9 Bulls

Froid MT: 14 Heifer Calves, Spring Shots, No Brands, Weaned Nov., All Natural

Williston ND: 3 Steers(2 Black Angus, 1 Red), 1 Rnd of Shots, All Natural

Bainville MT: 1 Open Heifer, 2 Years Old

Glasgow MT: 1 Jersey Nurse Cow, 1 Bull Calf from her born in Nov., Calf is Sired by Pure Bred Jersey Bull, Cow is 3/4 Jersey 1/4 Black Angus, Home Raised, Hand Milked

Culbertson MT: 2 Cows, Black Baldy, Dry, All Natural

Charlson ND: 5 Black Angus Bulls, All Natural

Scobey MT: 1 Bull, 4 Years Old, Black Angus